International Certificate in Investor Relations

The International Certificate in Investor Relations (ICIR) is an internationally recognised qualification in Investor Relations (IR). It is regarded as an essential pre-requisite for those entering the IR profession, and a valuable benchmark for those already in the profession.

Objective of ICIR

The ICIR ensures that the holder of the qualification has an appropriate level of factual knowledge of the regulatory requirements as well as the financial and market environment within which the practitioner is able to operate effectively.

ICIR Examination

Date: 5th Apr 2018
Time: 05:00pm – 06:00pm
Venue: SGX Centre

ICIR Online Revision Modules (Optional)

The ICIR Online Learning Support Modules are an additional resource to help ensure that candidates have the very best chance of passing the ICIR exam.

The modules focus on the more theoretical elements of the ICIR syllabus, where most value can be added by the online learning process: Companies & Regulation; Regulatory Environment; and Accounting, Valuation & Investment Principles

The other sections of the ICIR syllabus should be covered by using the study guide. At the end of each online module there will be multiple choice questions to answer.

Details of the qualification

The qualification is for everyone working in investor relations or considering a move into investor relations, either in Singapore, the UK or overseas.

The qualification is assessed by a one-hour examination comprising 60 multiple-choice questions, based on the topics set out in the syllabus.

Candidates are advised to spend at least 50 hours of studying time, in additional to practicing the mock exam, to prepare for the final exam.

Candidates who passed the examination will be awarded the Certification jointly issued and recognised by both the IRPAS and IR Society UK.


1. The Principles of Investor Relations
1.1 Introduction to IR
1.2 Why companies need IR
1.3 What makes a successful IR function
1.4 The scope of IR

2. Financial Markets
2.1 Global financial markets
2.2 How do equity markets or stock markets work
2.3 Equity investors
2.4 Debt investors

3. Companies & Regulation
3.1 Limited companies
3.2 Companies Acts
3.3 Statutory reporting & financial reporting calendar

4. Regulatory Environment
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Market abuse
4.3 Listing rules
4.4 The disclosure rules and transparency rules
4.5 Periodic financial reporting
4.6 Regulatory announcements
4.7 Summary of the United States (US) regulations

5. Accounting Valuation and Investment Principles
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Time value of money
5.3 Valuation models and measures
5.4 Portfolio theory
5.5 Accounts
5.6 Key financial ratios

6. Effective IR In Practice
6.1 The IR audiences
6.2 IR advisors
6.3 Internal relationships
6.4 Knowing your shareholders
6.5 Understanding disclosure obligations
6.6 Communications tools and techniques
6.7 The day-to-day business of IR
6.8 Measuring the value of IR

Course/Registration Fees
S$1,300.00 (non-members), S$1,100 (members)

IRPAS Members Benefits
S$200.00 off course fees for all IRPAS Members

ICIR Brochure

Important Notes

  • If the candidate fails the exam and wishes to retake the exam, an administration fee of SGD50.00 is made payable for each attempt.
  • Candidates are allowed to take a maximum of three exam sittings to pass the exam. Thereafter, candidates will have to register for the programme again and receive a new syllabus of the course notes.

Course Fees and Payment Terms

  • Payment can be made via crossed cheque made payable to “Investor Relations Professional Association (Singapore) (IRPAS) Limited” and delivered to 600 North Bridge Road, #23-01 Parkview Square, Singapore 188778, or internet transfer (please contact IRPAS Secretariat for details)
  • Fees are refundable only in the event that IRPAS cancels the course(s) for unforeseen reasons


To register, please contact the IRPAS Secretariat at or +65 8100 6572. Thank you.