Hong Bao Media Preview for IRPAS Board – TV presenter essentials for live webcast AGMs (10 March 2020)

By special request, Hong Bao Media hosted a 3-hour preview for the Directors of the Investor Relations Professionals Association (Singapore) at its studio, during which participants had their share of experience in the hot seat in front of the camera.

The workshop was timely, given that many locally-listed companies are struggling to bring their shareholders together for their Annual General Meetings.

Although the Singapore Exchange has granted an extension, the tipping point to allow virtual or hybrid AGMs appears to have been reached. The Business Times recently made the case for it, too.

Check out Mark Laudi’s LinkedIn post and photos of the IRPAS event.

Read the IRPAS Media Release: IR practitioners should develop narratives to manage impact of COVID-19.

The workshop was well received by the IRPAS Board directors:

  • Jonathan Kuah:
    Mark’s training is insightful and thorough. A must if one has intension to explore webcasting in the near future.
  • Jeannie Ong:
    In my career, I only endorsed two media trainers – Kathy O’Brien (Red Shoes Communications) and Mark Laudi (Hong Bao Media). The former is excellent for communication and the latter rocks for TV interviews.
  • Basskaran Nair:
    Covid19 has changed communication to large audiences. To minimise human contact and potential infections churches have started life streaming for their congregation. Similarly regulators and management should review AGMs in its present form and actively pursue Virtual AGMs.
  • Harold Woo:
    Anyone who is hosting a webcast will benefit immensely from the 3 hours session with Mark Laudi to deliver an impactful and captivating presentation.