IRPAS Newsletter: March 2015

President’s Address

Greetings, members and friends.

Happy Lunar New Year and best wishes for a prosperous Year of the Goat! As President of IRPAS, I am pleased to present you with our first newsletter for 2015.

Review of 2014

2014 was a successful year for IRPAS and I would like to thank all of you for the unwavering support you have shown us. In the past year, IRPAS has grown significantly in the strength of its membership base, offerings and profile.

In 2014, we saw a double digit growth in membership. We also worked hard to improve on the quality and content of our sharing sessions, holding a record-high eight sessions throughout the year and we are heartened to see increasingly stronger turnouts. The International Certificate in Investor Relations (ICIR) programme was highly successful, and we are incredibly proud to announce that we achieved a high passing rate of 96% amongst the candidates in Singapore, many of whom are IRPAS members.

Welcoming 2015

Not resting on our laurels, we are continuing to work  together with SGX, fellow IR practitioners and the wider financial community to help enhance the quality of IR and to elevate the IR profession in Singapore.

We hope to maintain the strong momentum that we have gathered last year with the continuation of knowledge sharing sessions on relevant IR topics, providing carefully-curated content from our Supporting Members as well as professional development courses including the ICIR. Please stay tuned for the latest news and events or visit our website regularly for updates.

Revised Membership Categories

Based on feedback from members, IRPAS has introduced new and revised Corporate Membership categories including revised fees for companies based on market capitalisation,  which cater to the needs of smaller companies, as well as a Supplementary category for group companies (2015/2016 only). We hope that the revision will make the membership more inclusive and attract more IROs to join the IRPAS family, bringing with them new insights and experiences to the IR community.  Details of the new membership categories can be found here.

**For those 2014 IRPAS members who have not yet renewed your 2015 membership, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the revised schemes and continue benefitting from IRPAS membership benefits. Please reply to this email for assistance on membership renewal.

Update on International Certificate in Investor Relations 2015

Following the successful launch of ICIR last year, we have been working closely with the Investor Relations Society to roll out the updated syllabus for the ICIR 2015. The updated syllabus is scheduled for circulation by ?early March. Registration for the ICIR 2015 will open soon and expressions of interest can be sent to

IRPAS IRO Knowledge Sharing Session

As we move towards the AGM season, IRPAS is planning an informal get-together and knowledge sharing session for IROs this month at SGX. Together with my fellow IRPAS Directors, Jeannie Ong, Chief Marketing Officer at StarHub, Jonathan Kuah, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications at YTL Starhill Global Property Management, and Basskaran Nair, a veteran in the communications industry, we look forward to having a lively discussion around the latest trends and issues impacting Singapore’s IR industry as well as the concerns that are closest to the hearts of IRO. Please note that this is an exclusive event for IROs only and invitations will be sent separately soon.

Professional Development Courses 2015

As part of IRPAS’ ongoing efforts to raise the competency of IR professionals in Singapore, we are pleased to roll out the following professional development courses in 2015 for IROs and aspiring IROs, in partnership with our specialist training providers:

Featured Content from Partners: SG Top 50

Sedgwick Richardson and Swarm have collaborated to create an interactive network visualization of the Top 50 Singapore companies (based on market capitalisation) that demonstrates the relationships and linkages between these companies through their board directors. It can be described as an eco-system based on present and past directorships. View the prototype at:

The aim is to help IROs appreciate the connectivity of information and the value of integrated thinking within their organisations. If IROs are increasingly tasked with telling a holistic story of value creation, one that seeks to connect both financial and non-financial data into a consistent investment brand narrative, then visual analytics and data visualisation (of which network diagrams are just one approach) can help them achieve this goal.

Featured IR Articles from Partners

We are pleased to bring to you each month four specially curated articles kindly sponsored by IR Magazine (, the leading publication for IR professionals covering all areas of investor relations from a global perspective. The articles are attached for your reading pleasure.

  1. How to beat activists in 2015IR Magazine
    A recap of the session on shareholder activism at the IR Magazine Investor Perception Seminar
  1. Roadshows continue reign as most rewarding investor eventIR Magazine
    Almost half of IROs say roadshows have most to offer
  1. Sustainability reporting fails to add valueIR Magazine
    Companies are wasting time and money by putting together ineffective sustainability reports, finds a study compiled by strategic think tank and consultancy SustainAbility.
  1. Demand for more webcasts in AsiaIR Magazine
    They may not be a new option in the IR toolkit but, for investors and analysts, webcasts remain one of the most importance forms of communication used by IR teams.

In addition, we are delighted to partner with IPREO (, a leader in the provision of market intelligence tools, real-time analysis and advice on the capital markets to investor relations professionals throughout the world, to share articles of interest from their BetterIR publication.

  1. Event-Driven Arbitrage and Investor Relations: Navigating Through the NoiseBetterIR
    The existence of arbitrageurs in a stock is almost inevitable in event-driven situations. While they may not be interested in the long-term growth outcomes of their investments, IROs might still want to identify and communicate with this type of investor to navigate through an event-driven situation.
  1. Options Ownership Disclosures – What Can We Learn, and What Can’t We? BetterIR
    With derivatives being an alternative for investors to gain exposure to public companies other than through equities and debt securities, it is worth the effort for IROs’ to understand why an investor may take derivatives exposure and how specific investors may be positioning  themselves towards a company.
  1. Activism, Ready or Not – How IROs are Preparing for Activist Shareholders BetterIR
    Recent years have seen shareholder activism gaining momentum, and thus IROs are advised to keep abreast of activist trends and prepare in advance for the event of an activist engagement.  The article features a survey on companies’ preparedness  for activist campaigns, followed by some best practices IROs might want to adopt.
  1. Best Practices in Corporate Governance Outreach – BetterIR
    With heightened attention on corporate governance, establishing effective outreach to governance and proxy contacts at institutions will certainly pay dividends. There are useful takeaways in this article where three IROs who are at the forefront of best practices in corporate governance outreach shared their insights in great detail.

New Members

Last but not least, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to our new members who have joined the IRPAS family since 2015:

Corporate Members:

Supporting and Individual Members:

I hope that you will find your membership with IRPAS highly beneficial to both your organisation and professional development, and I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.

In Conclusion

We look forward to your continued active participation in IRPAS activities. More importantly, we hope to have more IROs join us as members. Please do invite your fellow IROs who are not yet IRPAS members to be part of this exclusive community to call our own.

I look forward to a fruitful year ahead and wish all members and friends good luck and success in 2015.

Wishing you a prosperous Lunar New Year,
Harold Woo
02 March 2015