IRPAS Newsletter: November 2014

President’s Address

Greetings, members and friends.

As President of IRPAS, I am pleased to present you with our fourth and final newsletter for this year. It has been an exciting year for IRPAS following our re-launch in December 2013 and this could not have been achieved with your enthusiastic participation and unwavering support. I would like to thank all of you for the generous support you have given IRPAS this year.

Review of October and November 2014

The past two months were momentous for IRPAS with the successful completion of the 2014 International Certificate in Investor Relations (ICIR) and the IRPAS Networking Series.  We successfully hosted our best-attended events yet, the Integrated Reporting Roundtable in October, and the IRPAS Year-End Event with Heather McGregor, AKA Mrs MoneyPenny from The Financial Times in November.

We are already looking forward to hosting another exciting series of networking events and professional development courses for our members in the coming year.

Results of International Certificate in Investor Relations 2014

We are delighted to announce an outstanding set of results from this year’s International Certificate in Investor Relations candidates. We have had 23 candidates take the examination, with a total of 22 passes. I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to all who have successfully passed this year’s examination, and wish them all the best in advancing their careers:

  1. Chang Rui Hua
  2. Daniel Tan Jenn Horng
  3. Denise Nah
  4. Denise Wong Xiao Fen
  5. Ho Tsui Yee Tracy
  6. James Bywater
  7. Josephine Chew
  8. Lesa Adriana Beber
  9. Lily Jade Chung Kim Yuen
  10. Lynette Lim
  11. Marketa Kytkova
  12. Melissa Woon
  13. Nerisa Pitrasari
  14. Rolando Gonzaga
  15. Sarah Marikar
  16. Satomi Masters
  17. Skye Oudemans
  18. Stephanie Santoso
  19. Tammy Teo
  20. Tan Guan-Chew Travis
  21. Tan Wen Nan
  22. Teng Li Yeng

Networking Events

We were delighted by the turnout at the IRPAS Year-End Event 2014: “The Market for Investor Relations Officers and Career Development Opportunities”, which was held on Tuesday, 4 November 2014, where Dr. Heather McGregor (also known as Mrs Moneypenny in the Financial Times), shared insights into the investor relations market and career development  in the IR industry. You may recap more photos of the event, and all other past events in the Gallery section of the IRPAS website.

Event image - The Market for Investor Relations Officers and Career Development Opportunities

IR Magazine Awards & Conference – South East Asia 2014

The IR Magazine Awards & Conference – South East Asia 2014 is happening on  Tuesday, 9 December 2014.  The event will see Investor Relations (IR) professionals in the region come together to discuss important issues relating to the IR industry.

IRPAS is a proud sponsor of the conference, and we look forward to seeing you at the event. Please visit the event website for updates and register your interest with us at if you are interested in attending. IRPAS members who register through IRPAS are entitled to a 20% discount off the tickets!

Looking Forward to 2015

2014 has been an truly eventful year for IRPAS, and we are looking forward to another exciting year in 2015.

We aim to start the next intake for the ICIR in the first quarter of 2015. More details will be posted in due course on the ICIR webpage on the IRPAS website.

IRPAS remains committed to providing our members with opportunities for professional development and networking. We are currently working with our partners on providing professional development courses, and organising another year-long series of networking events for our members in the coming year.

We hope that the planned events for next year will continue to achieve a high level of success. IRPAS needs the continual support from our members and partners like yourself to accomplish greater things. If you would like to join IRPAS or renew your membership commitment, or have ideas on working with IRPAS to help further the IR industry in Singapore, please contact us at

Sponsored Articles from Partners

We are pleased to bring to you each month four specially curated articles kindly sponsored by IR Magazine (, the leading publication for IR professionals covering all areas of investor relations from a global perspective. The articles are attached for your reading pleasure.

  • What investors look for in CSR disclosureIR Magazine
    Sustainability disclosures are being subjected to increasing scrutiny by regulators, boards and investors, and companies could benefit from knowing how carefully their stakeholders are looking at their CSR disclosures.
  • How to improve the IR websiteIR Magazine
    Results from an IR Magazine survey which reveal what buy-side and sell-side analysts from the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific expect to see on an IR website.

Spread the Joy Now!

As IRPAS was founded with IROs in mind, I would like to urge members to actively participate in all upcoming activities, and to also help spread the word about IRPAS to your peers who are not members of IRPAS yet.

FREE IR MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION IF YOU REFER 3 FRIENDS. We are pleased to offer members a free one-year IR Magazine standard subscription worth US$475 per annum if you successfully refer three* corporates/individuals to sign up as IRPAS members.  *Referrals need to be unique entities i.e. different organisations/individuals.

All IRPAS members also get to enjoy 47% off one-year IR Magazine standard subscription at a special discounted rate of US$250 per annum (usual price US$475). Please contact the IRPAS Secretariat to find out more.

In Conclusion

To conclude, I would like to say that 2014 has been a great year for IRPAS, and we hope that it has been a great year for our members as well. We look forward to seeing you again in the coming year. Till then, I wish you well and happy holidays!

Best wishes,
Harold Woo
12th November 2014